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PETG Polyester Sheet

PETG Polyester SheetPETG (Polyester) sheet offers a wide range of possibilities for designers and fabricators, from simple shapes to the most complex designs. The high impact performance of PETG allows the use of thinner gauge sheet than that used with some other materials, resulting in lower material costs.

PETG has very good optical properties, is easy to fabricate, to vacuum form, and has exceptional low temperature performance.

PETG has high chemical resistance and impact properties; the non UV grade meets all current food contact legislation and can be used in contact with unwrapped food. UV Grade is not intended for food contact and is therefore not covered by this warranty.

PETG is easy to vacuum form and needs no pre-drying, it has exceptional low temperature performance and low water absorption.

Very high impact properties make it particularly suitable for Machine Guards, Taxi Screens, Bus shelters, Poster glazing, Refrigeration and cold storeroom equipment & Displays & signs for external use.

PETG is available with UV protected surface and Anti-reflex features, standard sheet thickness range from 1mm to 10 mm.  Generally produced in Clear only, a range of different opal shades can be produced to order. Standard sheet dimensions are 3050 x 2050 mm, 2050mm x 1250, 2500 x 1250mm.

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