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Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet is a very versatile product, competitively priced and suitable for wide ranging applications. Available in Clear, that is tougher and optically clearer than float glass. All of our Acrylic sheets are UV protected making it an ideal product for external applications with a life expectancy in excess of ten years.

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Acrylic Safety Mirror

Pure Plastics Acrylic Mirror is ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly where safety is important. Acrylic Mirror is stocked in a choice of 3mm and 5mm, the thicker material will provide a higher quality reflection.

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Aluminium Composite Sheet

The ideal material for almost any decorative or cladding application, aluminium composite sheet is durable, versatile, easy to use and available in a complete range of colours and finishes to suit every application.

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Hyclad Hygienic Cladding

The Hyclad Hygienic Cladding system from Pure Plastics is ideal for lining walls in food preparation areas, kitchens, take-away restaurants and factories. Hyclad PVC sheet has low moisture absorption and complies to fire rating test BS476 Part 7 - Class 1.

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PETG Polyester Sheet

PETG (Polyester) sheet offers a wide range of possibilities for designers and fabricators, from simple shapes to the most complex designs. The high impact performance of PETG allows the use of thinner gauge sheet than that used with some other materials, resulting in lower material costs.

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Rigid Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is a very durable material, many times tougher than glass, with excellent light transmission, fire performance and stability in temperature extremes. Of all glazing materials polycarbonate exhibits greatest resistance to impact over a temperature range of -20°C to +100°C. It is approximately 200 times more resistant to impact than glass.

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Structured Polycarbonate Sheet

Structured Polycarbonate sheet has all of the benefits of Rigid Polycarbonate sheet with respect to fire rating, impact strength, etc, with the added benefit due to the multi layer design of light weight and excellent thermal insulation properties.

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